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tinymce spellchecker installation

nanospell is easy to install on any web environment that can support PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Mono or Java.

There are no installer packages or .exe files to run. Just upload and go. The process does not require you to modify TinyMCE, and even works with the 'CacheFly' hosted CDN version of TinyMCE.

Installing nanonpell spell checker for tinymce

Step 1 - Download NanoSpell spellchecker for tinymce

Download NanoSpell and unzip it anywhere in your web project.

ASP.Net Users: ASP.Net & Mono users will also need to copy the dll in nanospell/server/ajax/ into your own /bin folder. Alternatively you may set up a web site service at the 'path/to/nanospell/server/ajax/' file path in IIS Manager.

Step 2 - Test it

Browse to /path/to/nanospell/getstarted.html
The page will verify that everything is working for you, and even provide personalized code samples.

Step 3 - Code it

Just copy 2 lines of code into your tinymce.init statement to register NanoSpell as an external plugin.

	external_plugins: {"nanospell": "/path/to/nanospell/plugin.js"},
	nanospell_server: "php" // choose "php" "asp" "" or "java"

Read more about compatibility, settings and dictionaries.


TinyMCE Compatibility

NanoSpell spellchecker for tinymce works with TinyMCE 4. It even works with the hosted/CDN versions of TinyMCE

Web Server Compatibility

NanoSpell spellchecker for tinymce can be set-up easily on any Windows, Linux of OS X server which can support any one of the following: PHP 5, ASP, ASP.Net or Java. This is true even if your app is written in another programming language such as ColdFusion, Python, Perl or Ruby.

Downloading NanoSpell spellchecker for tinymce and running the getstarted.html file will actually analyze which options are available and provide step-by step help.

Java Users

To set up the TinyMCE spellchecker on Java based servers you can use the php-java-bridge to provide PHP support.

Client Browsers Compatibility

To create a seamless user experience, NanoSpell for TinyMCE is designed to be compatible with the same browsers as TinyMCE, including: