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tinymce spellchecker support

NanoSpell spellchecker for TinyMCE is in active development in 2024, and we are keen to communicate with our audience of developers.

We view every technical support enquiry as our fault. Our documentation, set-up process & software can be improved so no-one need ask that question again.

To ask a technical question please email us at

If the issue you are experiencing is complicated please be prepared to help us understand us what is happening with a url, screenshots or other useful materials.


“Spellcheck as you type” in tinmce with zero learning curve.

Cross Platform

Easily set-up on modern web hosting by uploading 1 folder.

Developer Friendly

Well documented and kept clean, simple & stable.


Never sends spellchecking data across the internet to remote spellchecking servers.


Free tinymce spellcheck dictionaries from across the world.


Actively maintained and supported by the original developers who love TinyMCE