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The agile, cross-platform tinymce spellchecker plugin

NanoSpell spellchecker plugin for tinymce adds automatic, seamless international spellchecking in tinymce 4.x as the users type.

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Demo the tinymce spellchecker

NanoSpell reproduces native operating system spellchecking within TinyMCE. The plugin automatically underlines typing mistakes, and provides highly accurate suggestions on right click.

We have designed for a seamless experience with zero learning curve for your users.

Live Demo

Source Code

<script src="http://tinymce.cachefly.net/4.0/tinymce.min.js"></script>
	external_plugins: {"nanospell": "/nanospell/plugin.js"},
	nanospell_server: "php" // choose "php" "asp" "asp.net" or "java"

As you can see - nanospell spellchecker for tinymce even wirks with CDN hosted versions of tinymce.

Get Started

Step 1 - Download the NanoSpell plugin

Download NanoSpell tinymce spellchecker and unzip it anywhere in your web project.

Step 2 - Test it locally

Browse to /path/to/nanospell/getstarted.html
The page will verify that everything is working for you, and even provide personalized code samples.

Step 3 - Code it

Just copy 2 lines of code into your tinymce.init statement to register NanoSpell as an external tinymce spellchecker plugin.

	external_plugins: {"nanospell": "/path/to/nanospell/plugin.js"},
	nanospell_server: "php" // choose "php" "asp" "asp.net" or "java"

Read more about compatibility, settings and dictionaries.


“Spellcheck as you type” in tinmce with zero learning curve.

Cross Platform

Easily set-up on modern web hosting by uploading 1 folder.

Developer Friendly

Well documented and kept clean, simple & stable.


Never sends spellchecking data across the internet to remote spellchecking servers.


Free tinymce spellcheck dictionaries from across the world.


Actively maintained and supported by the original developers who love TinyMCE