tinymce spellchecker settings

NanoSpell spellchecker for tinymce can be configured when TinyMCE is initialized. This allows you to select preferred server technologies, select dictionaries and fine-tune the spellchecker behavior inside TinyMCE.

nanospell - tinymce spellchecker plugin settings

	external_plugins: {"nanospell": "/nanospell/plugin.js"},
	nanospell_server: "php",
	nanospell_dictionary: "en",
		nanospell_autostart: true,
	nanospell_ignore_words_with_numerals: true,
	nanospell_ignore_block_caps: false,
	nanospell_compact_menu: false,
	toolbar: "nanospell"


default value = 'php'

NanoSpell uses server side languages to process spell-checking requests from within TinyMCE. It works this way so that users do not have to download large dictionary files.

The nanospell_server property sets the server language which will be used to process spellchecking and suggestions. Possible values are:


default value = "en"

Sets the dictionary which will be used for spellchecking. These are designated with 2 letter codes such as :

nanospell_dictionary: "es" 

To use multiple dictionaries at the same time (useful for multi-lingual documents) use a comma separated list such as:

nanospell_dictionary: "en,fr"

To use dictionaries other than the default "en" they must be first copied to the /nanospell/dictionaries/ folder.

To download dictionaries for free, and learn more about customizing the vocabulary we recommend that you read the NanoSpell dictionaries documentation.


default value = true

Starts the spellchecker as soon as TinyMCE initializes.


default value = true

Instructs the spellchecker to ignore alphanumeric words such as "el8d" or "3pm". Email addresses, domain names and urls are automatically ignored.


default value = false

Instructs the spellchecker to ignore ANY WORDS IN BLOCK CAPITALS.


default value = false

When the standard 'contextmenu' plugin is active, this option shows the spellchecking context menu as a sub-menu to save vertical screen space.


Read the TinyMCE toolbar documentation

To add NanoSpell to the TinyMCE toolbar - add "nanospell" to the TinyMCE toolbar setting string.

toolbar: "undo redo | bold italic  | nanospell"


“Spellcheck as you type” in tinmce with zero learning curve.

Cross Platform

Easily set-up on modern web hosting by uploading 1 folder.

Developer Friendly

Well documented and kept clean, simple & stable.


Never sends spellchecking data across the internet to remote spellchecking servers.


Free tinymce spellcheck dictionaries from across the world.


Actively maintained and supported by the original developers who love TinyMCE